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Windows 8.1 Update User Readiness Toolkit Now Available

Technology moves on – and we don’t all user BBC Micros anymore! Well, some do… but that’s a problem for a different post!

To help users get to grips with the latest Windows 8.1 Update, Microsoft has published a new Windows 8.1 Update user readiness toolkit, now available from the download center. The toolkit is very useful for IT managers in organisations who are looking for ways to make it easier to deliver training, tips, video tutorials, etc. to all users, students, teachers, etc. It’s designed for the IT staff to customise and create awareness of what the latest Windows 8.1 Update brings, how to get started, and increase adoption.

Read on for what’s in the box…


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The Risks Of Running Windows XP Now Support Has Ended

What are the risks of running Windows XP now support has ended? A little over a month ago Microsoft ended support for Windows XP. “Why does that matter”, I hear you ask. Helpfully, the team over at Channel 9 and TechNet Radio have some of the answers.

Why Upgrade?

Windows XP was a great operating system, but it was built for a world without 3G, 4G, broadband, WiFi, Bluetooth, iPods, etc. In short, if you’re still running Windows XP you’re missing out, and we wouldn’t want that! Why’s it so important to upgrade? Ask yourself some of these 5 questions: (more…)

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