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Changes to Office 365 Offer Names

Office 365, as a suite of services, has a number of different “packages” or SKUs that it uses to bundle services together at different price bands so that customers have flexibility over how much they consume of their cloud services. Office 365 broke these into different tracks based on whether you were an enterprise, a small business, home user, education, government and so on.

From this October, 2014, Microsoft is making changes to Office 365 offer names, simplifying the naming conventions used for education, government and non-profits. Read on to find out more…

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My Desk

My Kit | July 2014

Inspired by Paul Thurrott, I thought it was about time I documented my kit that I use on a daily basis; especially since I spend a lot of my time selling Windows 8, devices and “flexible working” to my customers.

In my role as a technology solutions specialist I get to play with some fancy gadgets from time to time, but the “core” of my kit doesn’t change that often. So here goes…

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Old technology 3 by crabchick.

Windows 8.1 Update User Readiness Toolkit Now Available

Technology moves on – and we don’t all user BBC Micros anymore! Well, some do… but that’s a problem for a different post!

To help users get to grips with the latest Windows 8.1 Update, Microsoft has published a new Windows 8.1 Update user readiness toolkit, now available from the download center. The toolkit is very useful for IT managers in organisations who are looking for ways to make it easier to deliver training, tips, video tutorials, etc. to all users, students, teachers, etc. It’s designed for the IT staff to customise and create awareness of what the latest Windows 8.1 Update brings, how to get started, and increase adoption.

Read on for what’s in the box…

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