Making a soil moisture sensor with Raspberry Pi 2

It’s been a while since I did anything productive with my Raspberry Pi 2, but my recent purchase of a Yucca made me think about how I could use it for something intelligent, like Making a soil moisture sensor with the Raspberry Pi 2. This post is really aimed at saving you a lot of time hunting around for all the information you need. I had to browse a tonne of sites to find all the bits and pieces, but eventually I got it all to work as I expected.

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Python 4-Bit LED Counter on Raspberry Pi 2

It was my birthday last month. Your lack of card and cake was noted, dear reader, but let’s not dwell on it…

One of the presents I was most eager to get to grips with was my new Raspberry Pi 2! (It’s a single-board computer roughly the size of a credit card) Now, I studied both GCSE and A-Level Electronics, but haven’t done anything remotely related since I left school, so I figured I should start with the basics. After setting up Raspbian and fitting the device into its snug little case I set about figuring out how to turn on a single LED.

I won’t bore you with that little exercise, this post is about how I wrote a 4-bit binary counter with a “heartbeat” made of 5 LEDs and some hastily (and probably shoddily) written Python.

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5 things I’ve learned about being a manager

November 24th 2014. Mark that in your calendars. It’s the day I officially started working for Microsoft. Not as a contractor as I’d been doing since 2010, but as a full-time employee, and a manager no less. Now that I’ve done the job for a few months I thought it probably wise to write what I’ve experienced.

What do I do? I’m a manager of a relatively large team of technology solutions specialists – a sales team. I never thought I’d be a sales manager. I’m the humble Office 365 deployment specialist, right? Funny where life takes you. I’m responsible, through my team, for striking up interest and demand with customers for some of Microsoft’s most successful and important products: Office, Windows, Office 365, Surface, etc. No pressure then.

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